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When one goes to a bar to hang out with friends he or she has three options: get a table, stay at the pool table or linger by the dart boards. A round of darts has been a regular companion to a bottle of beer for a couple years now can trace its origins to before the First World War.

Both the equipment and the game have been going under the same name and as the years have passed the changes to this well-loved game have been minimal. The changes made are seen in the transformation of the board and projectiles. Also, there have been formalized rules on the many ways to play this game. But really, at the core it still operates on the same principle, that of which one throws the projectiles, aiming for the center of the board.

The dart may be made either of brass, tungsten or silver. The shaft which gives balance may use the material plastic, composite or solid aluminium. Many people believe that darts is a game without stress. After all, how much effort does it take to hit the board with the pointy thing?

But what most people are not aware of is that there is a science to throwing the said pointy thing which allows one to win competitions. The mistake most commonly made by many is that when they’re aim to throw they lean too close to the target. This is not a very smart plan for it takes away one’s stability and balance which are integral for accuracy and giving power to said projectile.

People must as well try not to lunge when they throw the dart for this will knock them out of balance which would mean saying goodbye to accuracy. Darts is a fun game to play but like any other game has techniques which will enable one to win. But then again, like other games out there, it’s about the fun not the winning.


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