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sports is not merely a game that entertains. It gives a lot of benefits and teaches a lot of things to us, especially to kids and young adults. Like children, they need to be able to make the most out of their youth by learning and exploring their abilities. Engaging in sports is one good way to do this that’s why educators and youth organizations exert effort in giving out sports trophies the UK.

Kids who are into sports are physically fit and have good health. They also become mentally alert. Other than that they also develop emotional and social maturity especially when they are engaged in team sports. They learn how to make friends, lead and work as a team.

Nonetheless, schools and youth coordinators are now having problems in encouraging the youth to play sports. A lot of them would rather party or go out with friends. They don’t have the drive to get those cheap trophies that are awarded in sports. This is why more effort needs to be put in to encourage them. Here are some things you can do in order to promote sports among the youth:

1. Give them choices-allow them to see and experience as much sports and let them choose what they want. The more choices they have the more chances they will be able to pick out something which they would enjoy.

2. Support them-a lot of young people get discouraged to play sports because of the lack of support and attention given to them.Supporting them doesn’t really mean giving them so much. It only means giving them what they need like equipment and training.

3. Reward them-nothing spells motivation more than giving recognition to what they have achieved. Giving them awards and medals can be a really good way to encourage them. This may be through simple certificates, medals or sports trophies in the UK.


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