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On Motivation And The Youth


The youth is one of the most important sectors in the society which is very vital but often neglected. Young people need as much attention and guidance as they are the ones that are next in line. The elders need to encourage them to do good things like by giving medals and trophies for their achievements.

It has long been an issue how young people today care less or do not care at all. Self-centeredness is something that comes naturally at a certain stage. But this doesn’t mean that they should not be taught how to be better and think less of themselves.

Motivating the youth may seem so difficult if you take a look at how they are acting nowadays. But the truth is, the youth are still young people. They do not have hearts of stone. You can encourage them to do worthwhile activities. You just need to be patient enough and really strive to motivate them by giving trophies and medals, etc.

One of the most important factors to motivate the youth is to put in more fun in worthwhile activities. If you want to encourage them to join, you need to put in things that they would enjoy. Adding games and other fun things would surely motivate them.

Educate them. Young people are like sponges, they would love to take in as many things as they can. Making them learn something out of every activity would be great encouragement.

Allowing them to lead is also a good way to motivate them. It would be a great boost to their self-esteem to be in control.

Reward their successes or the good things that they have accomplished. You don’t really have to give big rewards. Simple medals and trophies would already send them a message that they have done something good and would encourage them to keep it up.


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