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What Can You Do With a Masters in Sports Management?


The world of sports is a big industry and it is expanding day by day. New sports such as MMA are getting good fame while old sports like football is also doing great business. Since sports is a big industry there is always a space for talented and professional people. Obtaining a Master’s degree in sports management is extremely beneficial in today’s world. You can have unlimited opportunities in this field if you are qualified and talented. Let’s see what jobs you can do after doing a Master’s in Sports Management.

1- Sports Agent

You can easily know why so many people are doing their Masters in sports management if you see the salaries being offered to them in different jobs. You can work as a sports agent after doing a master’s in sports management. High attractive salaries are offered to a sports agent. You as a sports agent will have to assist clients in negotiating the salaries with team management. Also, an agent helps clients in different deals to enhance their earning power.

2- Sports Marketer

If you are more interested in helping the sports team than the athletes and you have a Master’s degree in Sports Management, then you should look for a job as a sports marketer. What you need to do in this job is to promote sports teams to the public, increase their revenue and popularity. It is the best job for the kind of person who thinks he or she is creative because the nature of this job is such that it requires creativity.

3- Venue Manager

It is another interesting job for a person holding a Master’s degree in sports management. If you love stadiums and venues, the most appropriate career path for you is to run a venue. Remember that it requires a lot of hard work and passion because managing a big stadium for sports is not easy. You will need to handle different responsibilities such as ticket sales, promotions, concessions, merchandise sales, parking, and many other responsibilities. Go for this job if you are a responsible person and like responsibilities.

4- Athletics Director

You can easily become an athletic director with a Master’s in sports management degree. It is because many schools and colleges are in search of athletic directors for the management of their sports events. You will have to direct and train young athletes for different programs, events, and contests. A team containing an athletic director always has an advantage over other teams with no athletic director.

5- Sports Events Planner

You can also become a sports events planner after getting a Master’s degree in sports management. As the name indicates, you will have to plan different sports events in collaboration with other team members. You can expect a good attractive salary in this job. The average salary of a sports events planner is about $45000.


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